Knysna Racing”Quote and advice on the new Vantage ultra k1″

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July 2, 2019
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July 2, 2019

From: Deirdre
Subject: Quote and advice on the new Vantage ultra k1

Message Body:
I tried to email re a quote and suitability of your new Vantage Ultra K1. I’m an aging female grandmaster… With some balance issues. I have an old Lancer and a Manta. I find both too unstable…. I’ve tried the Vital.. It seemed to big for me. I weigh in at anything between 72 and 75 kgs. I was considering the Velox Avenger or the Supernova from Canoe concepts when I came across your new Vantage Ultra.

Would you mind advising me on its stability… I believe it’s more stable than the Lancer and the Jacana.

Do you have a demo boat I could cone and try out… Or is there one here in Caoe Town?

Could you please give be a quote on the lightest river construction Vantage Ultra if you think it may be a suitable boat for me.

Many thanks.

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