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March 24, 2019
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March 25, 2019

From: Timothy Bouch
Subject: Distribution

Message Body:
Hi there

My name is Tim, I used to paddle down at Kingfisher Canoe club and paddled under Lee with the MacSquad until I moved over to Vietnam. Since moving here I haven’t been able to paddle much as there hasn’t been much access to paddling here. This bugged me until the point I decided I need to do something about this and be a part in helping to develop the sport and community here.

I have since moved to another city and made contact with two of the national training clubs. My goal here is to grow the number of paddlers across the 24 clubs through out the country, hopefully starting additional clubs too. With a population double that of South Africa and rivers and lakes literally minutes away from every city center across the country, this country has the potential of having a bigger paddling community than South Africa, which is my personal goal I’ve set.

One difficulty I see the Vietnamese having is getting affordable access to equipment. They have made some friends from Europe where they are getting their equipment from and all their equipment is government sponsored, thus making it difficult for ordinary Vietnamese people to get into the sport.

This is where I see an opportunity to get our South African producers into the Asian market. We make world class equipment at reasonable prices and South Africa has good trade agreements with Vietnam. If I can distribute our SA products over here, it would be a lot easier for ordinary people to get involved and for clubs to be able to run affordable development programs to grow their numbers.

I would like to become a distributor for your products here and would definitely like to talk more

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