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October 10, 2018
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October 11, 2018

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New Website Enquiry On K1 Range

Name:Andrew van Osch


Selected K1 boat intrested in:VANTAGE PRO PLUS

Message Body:

Hi Albert,
I have broken (snapped) my footrest in the VPP K1 (pedals) and also need to replace fittings on rudder (wheels at back has corroded); please can you send me options for t-bar full setup; when we last spoke you had a full plate but this wouldn't work as flanges in front are set for pedals and you needed a higher setting; what are options for normal t-bar? have you got a picture of t-bar setup so i can have a look before ordering? please can you e-mail it to me or send on mobile

please also send full cost for delivery to CPT

Many thanks

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