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March 10, 2018
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March 10, 2018

From: Charlene Walters
Subject: Features

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Hello there!

I’m Charlene and I am a Web Designer/Developer Freelancer. I was wondering, are you thinking of giving your website a new look? If it’s about making a website look awesome, I’m the person you can count on for the job. I have been freelancing as a web designer for several years now and I can assure you that my works (I can show you if you are interested) are of high quality!
If there are some features that you’re thinking of adding to your site, I can help you implement them for a price that even small businesses can afford.
Please tell me who I need to reach and when I can best reach them and I will call right away.

Warmest regards,
Charlene Walters || Web Designer/Developer Freelancer

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