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September 18, 2018
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September 19, 2018

From: Pettry Gaylor
Subject: Renovate

Message Body:
I saw a good opportunity with making some upgrades and redesigning your website. You probably already know this, but the look and user interface of a website greatly affect how successful the site is. I thought I’d send you an email to see if we could work together on making your website look better and perform better.

I chose you since I see potential. I reached out to your company because I’m a professional website designer who is looking for new clients who take opportunities like these in the hopes to make their business grow. Once we’ve set up a schedule, we can discuss some ideas that I have and how I can make it possible for you. I’d also be happy to show you my portfolio where I compiled my best work from my nine years of experience as a web designer. Think about it as a renovation for your online content. It will attract the consumers.

I look forward to us working together on this. When’s the best time to contact you?

Pettry Gaylor
Web Designer

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